Which Of These Three Unique Opportunities For Personal Coaching With John Carlton Will Take You And Your Business Into The Big Leagues?


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Listen to Shin and Susan Ohtake describe their experience with the Platinum Mastermind Group

"... one particular piece of advice that doubled what we paid to be in the group.
... another particular piece of advice... that multiplied an income stream by 6 times.  That was crazy!
... after the first year, we more than doubled our revenue."


 Shin & Susan Ohtake, MaxWorkouts.com

Eddie Phoon

"The day spent with John Carlton & Stan Dahl is already paying dividends. We lost our top vendor (one of the reasons I sought their help), but... our revenues are up 16% over last year anyway! I thank John Carlton & Stan Dahl for this amazing recovery and increase in my business. If I didn't make the changes to my company and my marketing they recommended, revenues would have dropped and I would have had to lay off some employees. I was nervous using John's copywriting method at first... but the results say it all! The change of business model and change of marketing is working so well!"

Eddie Phoon, Lionheart Productions, Inc.
Rob Jones

"If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, I can't recommend this group of crazy successful people highly enough. Through the advice of the group, I've cut out stuff that was holding me back, allowing me to maintain income levels I want and the lifestyle and free time I need... with less stress and hassle than I had in the past."

Rob Jones, Trustjacker.com (#1 ClickBank Product) & ViralConversion.com
John Rowley

"I’ve participated in many masterminds over the years but none like John Carlton and Stan Dahl’s. Focused, result driven and fun describe two days. But what is more important is what happens when you leave. Every time I leave I have ideas that not only transform my business but my life. This is not a mastermind on copywriting, although we learn at the masters feet. It is a mastermind on how to bring your business and personal life to the next level and beyond. This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. I believe in this so much I even bring one of my sons. Another byproduct is we are making lifetime friends."

John Rowley, JohnRowley.net

Listen to attorney, Bob Berman, explain why he credits having his beach house to being part of the Platinum Mastermind Group


"My beach house is largely the result of applying the information, advice, & guidance I have received from John, Stan, & the group.

It’s just been a fantastic run."


Bob Berman, BermanBarristers.com

What do some of the world's greatest marketers have to say about John Carlton?

Perry Marshall

"John's input on my website increased my flow of sales leads by 50%.  Also, his advice to trash my sales letter and start fresh (with very specific instructions on how to do it) DOUBLED my sales conversion rate!  He was right -- this gets exciting, fast."

Perry Marshall, Perry S. Marshall & Associates
Gary Bencivenga

"If you enter the marketing jungle in search of riches and respect, just be sure you walk with this man at your side. John is a recognized master of the world's most effective, ultimate- street-fighter marketing techniques. Do it right, as he shows, and for every $1 you put into your marketing machine, you can get $2, $3, even $5 or more back. Once you own such a money machine, your life will be sweeter than anything you've known."

Gary Bencivenga, Hall of Fame copywriter for Boardroom, Agora, Phillips, and Rodale
Rich Schefren

"After listening to John for less than an hour, my mind caught fire and everything fell into place. I immediately produced my first sales letter ever... and it brought in $287,000 the first week! You can bet I seek out his advice every time I make a major business decision."

Rich Schefren, Strategic Profits

Listen to Richard Miller explain why he chose the Platinum Group over all other "masterminds"


"... John brings a particular kind of wisdom to the group that I wanted.
It's amazing to be in the presence of people that hold you to your highest and best self."


Richard Miller, Image Design Media