John Carlton, here...John Carlton

I'm hosting another mastermind meeting in San Francisco at the end of April.

And I'm making one of the most generous offers of my career.

In order to make it a no-brainer decision for a few qualified candidates to join the group as full members...

... I'm holding a couple of spots in this meeting open for anyone who's interested (but not yet committed) in becoming a new full member.

This is a free one-time invitation to totally immerse into the mastermind experience with us.

This is your chance to be in the room with me and my mastermind partners (details on these partners below) for the entire two day event...

... as a participant with full privileges ...

... including your own Hot Seat Session, where you can explore with the group ANY biz problem you have or plan you want input on.

To grab your free spot, though, you must qualify.

I want these spots to go to folks who are in a position to benefit from the years of entrepreneurial experience that will be assembled...

... and who are also willing to share what they know about business and marketing with the other members...

... but... for some reason...

... aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger and join.

There is only one condition you have to meet before applying:

You have to promise me that, if you get even one idea or make one connection at the meeting that we both agree will bring in at least 5-figures in additional income in the next 3 months (and month after month again after that)...

... that you will be willing to join the group as a full member...

... and that the cost of the group won't be a problem or reason you can't join.

Full membership costs $15,000.  This gets you 4 meetings, access to our private chat group when you need advice between meetings, and a private coaching call with me. (I charge $1500 for these calls with non-Platinum Group members.)

So before you apply, the promise you're making to me is that the cost of the mastermind group isn't the problem.

The "problem" is you not knowing exactly what to expect and how you will benefit from being a member of a group like this.

So we're giving you a chance to see for yourself.  For free. If you qualify.

Other members have discovered (over the 8 years we’ve hosted this amazing group) that you should really expect to make this investment quickly pay off multiple times...

... with the insight, advice and hands-on consulting you get from being in the group.  You can check out the testimonials on this page for some of their success stories.

If  you qualify, the rest is easy.

Just fill out this short form below and hit “Send”. My biz partner Stan and I will go over every one that comes in…

… and either he or I will PERSONALLY call those people we think are “perfect” candidates for becoming full members. If you’re one of them, we’ll chat, and you’ll be invited to join us in San Francisco for the April meeting. Again, for free, but with full member privileges during this one meeting. (You’ll be welcomed with open arms into the group.)

So you can experience the mastermind personally. And see if it’s really a group you want to become a part of for the next year.

There is some real urgency, since there are just a couple of spots available, and we will decide on who gets those spots as soon as we can.

So fill it out, hit “send”, and you’ll be contacted by either Stan or myself if you qualify. Our staff will contact you if the spots have been grabbed already.

You’re going to enjoy this, if you get one of the spots.

There are no “wrong” answers here.

This mastermind has been home to CEOs of multi-million dollar companies...  as well as business-savvy professional launching new ventures with the help of this group.

That’s the power of the mastermind experience — a wide range of people, insights, and resources from every corner of the business world.

Do it now, while you’re thinking about it. This form will take just a few minutes to complete.

Just below the form you'll find some details and short bios on my co-hosts in this mastermind group, as well as a partial list of the special guests we've invited to share their marketing genius with our members in previous meetings.  (Almost all of our meetings include at least one special guest like the marketing royalty you'll find below.)

My Co-Host  and Contributors

I co-host every meeting with my long-time business partner, Stan Dahl.

Stan Dahl Platinum Mastermind GroupStan brings 25 years of marketing and business process analysis and improvement to the group. Before we joined forces, he specialized in bringing data-driven analytics and solutions to businesses big and small, located all over the world. (He was implementing “Big Data” solutions years before most business owners and CEOs had even heard of the concepts.)  These days he focuses helping our clients create and  implement realistic and efficient marketing strategies and funnels.

Because we want to bring as much sales and marketing firepower to every single meeting, we've invited three of my long-time colleagues to join the Platinum Group as co-hosts and contributors.

They are among the most sought-after and highly respected copywriters and marketing consultants on the planet.

They attend most meetings and will be available to you between meetings via our private online chat group to give you critical feedback on your copy, to help you with your marketing strategy and also to collaborate with you in brainstorming ideas for new and existing products.

Our Co-Hosts are:

David Deutsch started his career writing ads for the prestigious Ogilvy & Mather on Madison Avenue. He's been a top "A-List" copywriter for decades, amassing multiple controls for some of the largest publishers and supplement marketers in the world, including Boardroom Inc., for whom he had a record-breaking 6 winning promotions in the mail at one time. David has been a valued guest expert at many of the seminars I’ve held over the years -- including some the infamous "Key West Copywriting Bootcamps" with Gary Halbert.

CC-David-GarfinkelDavid Garfinkel is co-founder of Fast Effective Copy,  author of the must-have “Copywriting Templates” course, and longtime mentor to leading advertising copywriters. Garf has been my go-to guy / right-hand-man at all of my Hot Seat Seminars and Copywriting Workshops.  He brings massive and varied marketing experience to the table.


Kevin Rogers is a former stand up comic... turned top freelance copywriter... who now hosts of a successful online community of marketers, entrepreneurs, and copywriters. He and I have co-hosted a podcast, "Psych Insights for Modern Marketers", for over 2 years. He’s one of few people I’ve ever hired to write for my own products and consult on my personal marketing efforts.

Lori Haller is an extremely in-demand graphic designer. She been the go-to creative force behind dozens of sales generating and control-beating websites, direct mail pieces, space ads, and other online promotions. Her list of happy clients include massive publishers and marketers like Boardroom, Weiss, Soundview Publishing, StreetAuthority, Healthy Directions, Uniscience Group, Phillips Publishing, Nutri-Health, KCI Communications, Agora.

Special Guests – Marketing Royalty and Legends

PLUS... I invite one or more of my heavy-hitter colleagues to sit in as a guest expert at every meeting.

They don't pitch anything or come with any agenda other than to share what they know about marketing and running growing businesses with you and the other members.

Previous special guests include:

CC-Jay-AbrahamJay Abraham, prolific author, one of my early mentors (I met my other significant mentor, Gary Halbert, at Jay’s house, in fact), and one of the more revered marketing geniuses in the business.  Jay was one of the first consultants to perform the “hot seat” style problem solving techniques we use in this mastermind group.

CC-Joe-PolishJoe Polish is founder of both the beloved I Love Marketing podcasts, and the amazing Genius Network, where I’ve been a frequent guest expert myself. Joe has worked closely with some of the best marketing minds around for decades.

CC-Dean-JacksonDean Jackson, renown real estate coach, co-host of the "I Love Marketing" podcast, and all around marketing brainiac.  Having winning products and services in multiple markets, Dean may be the ultimate lifestyle entrepreneur.

CC-Joe-SugarmanThe legendary Joe Sugarman. Once called the “Mail Order Maverick” by The New York Times, Joe's marketing firsts include introducing the cordless phone and the digital watch to the public, using toll-free numbers to take credit card orders over the phone, and revolutionizing infomercials with his BlueBlocker sunglasses ads.

CC-Rich-SchefrenRich Schefren, founder and CEO of Strategic Profits and one of the major movers-and-shakers behind the growth of Internet marketing over the last decade.

CC-Lorrie-Morgan-FerreroLorrie Morgan-Ferrero  is the creator of the She Factor Marketing System and frequent coach in our Simple Writing System copywriting course.  She's written winning copy for Shawn Phillips, John Childers, CIGNA Healthcare, Mark Victor Hansen, and Alexandria Brown.

CC-Jon-BensonJon Benson is one of the most referred-to working “A List” copywriters in the biz, the “god father” of the video sales letter, and inventor of the brilliant 3XVSL ad-producing program.

CC-Brian-KurtzBrian Kurtz ran one of the most respected and mimicked direct mail companies in the world, Boardroom Inc., for 20 years.  He successfully ushered their biz onto the Web, while remaining a guiding force in direct mail. He knows more about direct mail and marketing to lists than almost anyone in the game.

bigjason-hendersonBig Jason Henderson is an Email Marketing Juggernaut.  He's been generating breakthrough email response results, in all kinds of markets, for over 18 years.

CC-Susan-BrattonSusan Bratton (digital marketing royalty and host of DishyMix) and her husband Tim Bratton (inventor of Rhapsody, the first legal on-demand streaming music service that sold to Real Network for $25 mil) offered brilliant insight to the group.

Dave Lakhani, author of “Persuasion - The Art of Getting What You Want” and “How To Sell When Nobody's Buying”. Dave is President of Bold Approach, Inc., twice nominated as one of Fast Company magazine's Fast 50 Companies.

CC-Chris-HaddadChris Haddad, who walked away from a 6-figure a year copywriting career to launch his own business. 4 years, an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show, and 10s of millions of dollars in sales later… Chris shared his experience with the group on creating and marketing a series of multi-million dollar information products.

Don't Forget To Scroll Back Up and Press the Submit Button.

I'm looking forward to talking to you and working with you soon.