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This very limited offer can disappear at any time, so listen up...

“How would you like to have me and a hand-picked roomful of outrageously-smart (and successful) marketing minds focus entirely on YOUR business...

... dedicated to solving your biggest problems and setting you up with a killer plan to QUICKLY take you to the NEXT LEVEL of profit, respect and lifestyle happiness?”

Well, now you can. Live, face-to-face, in your own amazing Hot Seat mega-consultation. And for 2 solid days, you’ll also personally experience the dramatic, often immediate business-transformation that comes from tapping the brainstorming and expertise-sharing power that can ONLY happen in a unique gathering like this.

From: John Carlton


Here’s what’s up: One of my main jobs over the past 30 years has involved personally consulting with business owners and entrepreneurs...

... getting problems solved quickly, putting plans on the fast-track, and answering all the burning questions that hold people back when they’re going after the Big Bucks.

Most of these consultations happen over the phone (or on Skype). Sometimes they involve email exchanges.

And they’re damn good tools for moving ahead fast.


... the most dramatic success I’ve ever offered has come through face-to-face meetings. Especially when I’ve had a group of business owners in the room, and I’ve stocked the joint with experts.

We call these sessions “Hot Seats”. For a designated period of time, you and your problems and your plans are given the laser-like focus of the entire room. Personally overseen by me.

And you can put anything you like on the table for dissection and solutions. We go deep with the specific problems you’re having (with product creation, traffic, conversions, implementation, staff issues, goals, Operation MoneySuck, whatever you need us to go after)...

... and apply “Gun To The Head” real-world expertise in solving things. (The attitude is this: With a gun to your head, what do you do first to solve this problem in the most satisfying way?)

There is NO limit to what you can bring up in your Hot Seat.

Anything (or everything) that is holding you back from getting to the Next Level of success is fair game... in whatever way you define that next level (more money, more sales, more time off, less hassles, more respect, more fame, whatever you want to focus on).

These in-person, face-to-face Hot Seats have provided me with my greatest success stories with clients.

They are transformative... with the power to move your plans and your business forward with confidence and specific action plans, no matter what horrors you’re suffering through right now.

You know why?

Because this is the exact same process used by the Big Dogs in business to solve problems and move ahead. They find the smartest, most experienced marketing wizards around, corner them in a room...

... and squeeze out every idea, tactic, insider advantage and secret piece of advice possible. All aimed directly at getting to the next level of success.

And it’s all contained in a single, super-focused Hot Seat session that uses all the magic of high-end brainstorming, professional-level masterminding and hard-core real-world consulting.

This kind of Hot Seat only works when you’re in the presence of true expertise.

Our Hot Seats are legendary because – just for starters – you get the full attention of me and my biz partner Stan Dahl. Between us, we’ve got over 50 combined years of solid, real-world experience in solving problems and goosing businesses to new levels of profit (and taking the owners to new levels of happiness).

Neither of us have ever encountered a business problem we couldn’t find a powerful (and efficient) solution that could be quickly and simply implemented. In fact, we routinely come up with multiple options for dealing with problems...

... all aimed at fixing what’s broken, and getting you on the best possible path to reaching your most outrageous goals. (The key is keeping solutions within your current capabilities... so you really can ACT RIGHT AWAY.)

And we’ll give you the bad news along with the good. We’re brutal about being honest, and honestly assessing your situation.

A true Hot Seat is a deadly serious event. It’s still fun and exciting, because we’re going deep with your biz, your problems, and your future happiness.

However, because so much is riding on your session... we approach each Hot Seat like a “marketing intervention”. This is serious stuff, with profits and viability and results on the line...

... so we never pull any punches.

We know how to solve both the large and small “keep you awake at night” problems that plague all entrepreneurs...

... get businesses back on track despite disasters that ruin other companies...

... make ads work like crazy against bigger and better-funded competition...

... and do all the things required to force a modern business to succeed in this brave new world of constantly changing online and offline marketing.

You want the drop-dead honest truth about your situation, and what to do now to maximize your potential...

You come to us for a Hot Seat.

And you come away with solid advice you can put to use IMMEDIATELY – to fix what’s broken, to move to the next level, make your dreams come true.

And that’s just what Stan and I bring to the table.

I ALWAYS stock the room with extra expertise when I do Hot Seats for the first time with anyone.

I bring in the smartest colleagues I know – from all parts of the marketing world – and I make sure there is enough sizzling brain-power focused on your situation to be absolutely positive we’re seeing the Big Picture...

... and delivering the greatest amount of solid, useable, real-world-tested solutions and ideas possible.

Just to give you some examples... in recent Hot Seat sessions, I’ve had legends like Joe Sugarman, Joe Polish and Rich Schefren in the room as guest experts, sharing their best stuff.

And we’ve had copywriting superstars like David Garfinkel and David Deutsch (an “A-List” freelancer with multiple controls for Boardroom) and Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (the go-to-girl for marketing to women) sitting in. Plus radio ad-expert Dan O’Day and Clickbank launch-master Kevin Rogers. Also marketing geniuses like Dean Jackson...

... and more. I’m close friends with the legends and the go-to-guys of direct response, and my list of close colleagues includes every big name in modern marketing you can think of.

And, when I can, I like to haul ‘em into the room for Hot Seats with people like you.

I haven’t committed yet to who I’ll have with us for this upcoming session, but I intend to dig deep. Marketing genius Mark Joyner has been wanting to come, and I’ve floated invitations to colleagues like Alex Mandossian and Perry Marshall.

However, what really matters is the main group of fellow marketers who will be in the room with us: My very tight, very experienced and very SMART long-time mastermind group.

These marketers may not be household names yet... but they’ve been through the Hot Seat process themselves with me multiple times, and they provide the most spot-on group of fellow brainstormers I’ve ever worked with.

For your Hot Seat session, you’ll have me, Stan, a special expert (or two) and a small band of super-experienced problem-solvers completely focused on you and your situation.

And here’s a big secret you may not yet know: Some of the BIGGEST “a-HA!” moments you’ll have...

... will be when you’re participating in someone else’s Hot Seat session. The “secret sauce” to great masterminding is in the total focus and dedication to breaking down problems and solving them. All of them. For you... and for your colleagues in the room when it’s their turn.

For two solid days, your brain will be tuned into that special wavelength where creativity reaches the boiling point. You cannot imagine what that feels like until you experience it personally during an intense event like this.

Once we unlock your brain, the ideas, the solutions, the overlooked genius, the new directions, the best answers...

... all will come flooding in.

Regardless of your situation, of your niche, of your problems and sticking points...

... you’re about to enter into the most efficient marketing brain-dump possible.

And it delivers the mojo to change your life, and the way you make your business successful, forever.

Here are the details of this opportunity:

  1. I run a regular mastermind that meets 4 times a year... and we have a few open seats for the upcoming meeting. That’s why this opportunity has come up. We keep the meetings very small and a roundtable format perfect for the kind of intense, personal Hot Seats we perform. (NOTE: My assistant will send you all of the meeting logistics when you apply. You won't have committed to attending until you tell us you are OK with the meeting dates.)

  2. The meeting will be at a very nice hotel. You will be welcomed as a special guest, and given the full mastermind treatment just like everyone else in the room.

  3. However, you must first qualify for this opportunity. This kind of Hot Seat experience works best with entrepreneurs or freelancers who already have a business venture in progress. So we’ll ask you to fill out a quick survey form, and we’ll chat with you on the phone... to make sure you’re completely comfortable about what to expect.

  4. This 2-day, super-intense mastermind meeting is not cheap. My hourly fee for consultation is $2,500... and here, you’ll be in the room with me for two full days. (Multiplied out, that would be an outrageous fortune to pay, just for my time alone.)

    But I’m so invested in the mastermind process (and I love this group so much), that I’ve scaled back the fee for attending to just $4,995.

    And yes, we can split that fee into two payments, so it’s easier for you to swing. It’s a very generous way to give you the financial breathing room to come join us.

This is a serious opportunity, for serious-minded entrepreneurs.

If having this kind of brain-power and problem-solving wizardry laser-focused on you and your business sounds good...

... then you need to jump on this right now.

To start the process, just click on the link below. Just to keep the non-serious looky-loo’s away, we ask that you post a fully-refundable $100 deposit.

We’ll quickly refund that $100 if you somehow are not accepted into this meeting... and include it in your attendance fee when you’re accepted. You are not “out” this $100 at any time – it’s just a way to make sure we only deal with serious applicants.)

Here’s that “get started” link:

Important: There really are only a small number of seats available.

This is NOT a large meeting. We'll keep attendance to a maximum of 12-15 marketers.

Again – you will be welcomed as our guest, and treated like a member in full standing... even though you’re only attending this one meeting.

You are guaranteed your own Hot Seat, too.

The survey you take will answer all of your questions... however, if you need clarification on anything, we will be in touch with you by phone before the meeting.

You need to qualify first, though.

So your first step, right now, while you’re thinking about it...

... is to click on that link above, and get moving forward.

If you’ve ever desired the chance to have me and a bevy of super-smart and experienced marketers focus intensely on your business, and your problems, and everything that’s keeping you awake at night (or robbing you of profit)...

... well, here it is.

Hot Seat sessions transform businesses. And solve the worst problems you have, and get you back on the right path to the next level of success.

I realize this is a serious decision to make. And there isn’t much time to make it.

However, it’s also a very limited opportunity. And as I relentlessly tell my students and fans: Very few real opportunities will ever arrive during your career.

The difference (for me, and for every other successful person I know) between the winners in life, and the losers... is that the winners jumped on opportunity when it arrived.

It’s easy to shrug off a chance like this, and even believe there will be other opportunities arriving soon that are just as good. And I’ve known struggling entrepreneurs who have spent a lifetime waiting for that “next” chance to come along.

If you know, in your heart, that this is something you need to move on, then click the link and get started.

Realistically, you only have a short time here to decide, and get in touch with us about this. Once we fill up the room, that’s it. We will not exceed the maximum size of our normal meetings, under any circumstances.

This is an intimate, very intense style of business meeting. I hope you decide to come.

And I’ll see you soon.

Stay frosty,


P.S. Again – this is a one-time opportunity to be a welcomed guest in the very special mastermind group I host...

... and you are guaranteed to have your own Hot Seat during this 2-day super-intense meeting.

To get started, click here:


"We lifted our conversions 30%... that's hundreds of dollars a day"

"Less than 7 days after I was back home from my Hot Seat with you, and just two split tests later, we had a new control, and as you know, we already had a strong (million dollar) control thanks to your previous help. I came to your Hot Seat Seminar expecting to completely throw away and redo my sales page, thinking it was a "old, tired" letter. But with a couple of tweaks based on your suggestions, we lifted our conversions 30%... That could translate to hundreds of dollars a day. Thanks, John!" Tom Venuto,


"An Extra $125,000 Over Next Year From Just 2 Hot Seat Ideas"

"I've heard about hotseats but I had never attended one. I thought it would be like a regular seminar that allowed attendees to ask questions. Boy, was I wrong. During the hotseat my sales letter (which has netted me over $400,000) was stripped down and torn apart. John reworked my headline and tweaked my opening sentence. I also got an idea on how to restructure my offer to prospects. These two ideas brought in 16 new clients in just 4 weeks -- which is worth $125,000 over the next year." Robert Smith, Champion Media Worldwide


"From 3 to 35 consulting clients in just a few months"

"If you want pragmatic and smart business advice, delivered in a straightforward manner, a John Carlton "Hot Seat" is a good investment of money and time. His advice goes beyond just suggestions for your copy. The ideas he provided about the strategic direction for my business proved to be very valuable. Implementing suggestions from my Hot Seat, I've grown my top-tier program from 3 to 35 consulting clients in just a few months." Mark Satterfield, Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.


"DOUBLED my sales conversion rate!"

"John’s input on my website increased my flow of sales leads by 50%. Also, his advice to trash my sales letter and start fresh DOUBLED my sales conversion rate! I tripled the throughput of my sales process, while my costs stayed about the same. John’s advice is not a luxury -- it’s a no-brainer necessity." Perry Marshall, AdWords & Facebook PPC Authority

Who Is John Carlton?

John is a street-wise salesman at heart. Though he has a degree in psychology, he long ago realized that the hottest fun in business was applying the secrets of human behavioral psych to the real world of sales.

Other marketers also call John "the most respected copywriting teacher alive". The list of well-known marketers who freely reference John as their primary mentor for writing sales messages is just staggering.

Well-known clients & associates include:

Rich Schefren, founder of Strategic Profits, personally bought his entire staff copies of John’s writing course, and he keeps examples of John’s ads, emails and websites close by for inspiration.

Eben Pagan, creator of the Altitude program, specifically refers to John’s teaching whenever he discusses writing with his client base of millionaire marketers.

Frank Kern, the Mass Control wizard, freely admits that John’s direct advice saved a now-fabled product launch from stumbling... and using that advice, helped the project become the most lucrative one-day launch in the history of the Internet.

John’s advice, ad critiques and notorious Hot Seat consultations — though brutal, since he treats student copy with the same professional seriousness as he treats his own — have helped create marketing empires.

Who Is Stan Dahl?

Before teaming up with John Carlton to create, among other projects, the Simple Writing System Coaching Program & this Platinum MasterMind Group, Stan spent almost 20 years as a highly-sought-after and highly-paid consultant, specializing in helping companies (big & small) analyze & optimize their business performance & profitability.

His clients ranged from start-ups that went on to go public and/or be acquired for millions of dollars to some of the largest organizations in the world. Household names like Starbucks, Wells Fargo Bank, Nestle, Exxon, NATO, Boeing, and ALCOA.

He developed & refined tools & techniques to measure & improve the effectiveness & profitability of any business activity, ranging from manufacturing airplanes, to providing health care, to managing multi-million dollar military projects.

Stan is now applying the same models and techniques (which both saved and created millions of dollars for large corporations) to smaller companies... finally offering entrepreneurs the same kind of financial and operational breakthroughs once only enjoyed by behemoth organizations.

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